Happy Clients

The most helpful efficiency or assistance Paper Maid Solutions has bought to your business is working independently setting up good accounting systems, being proactive and introducing us to best accounting and general business procedures has helped us tremendously during our build up phase.

You have provided everything (and more) we could ask for or expect, we are 100% satisfied with your services.

— Espen the Motelier

Apart from her financial knowledge, Pauline is approachable and friendly but, most importantly she is willing to question methods in order to improve on them. Pauline proved invaluable in providing further recommendations to improve the ease and delivery of services for clients, which in turn will increase the overall client experience and impress

I have no hesitation in approaching Pauline with any concerns and would highly recommend the services of Paper Maid Solutions to assist in the setting up of a small business.

— Mark & emily the Physio & his wife

Pauline has helped our company in many ways. She has helped us get on track with employee hours, understanding Xero in a better way, utilising Xero the most effective way for our business and just being available to help when we call. She helped us get better organisation and really has an understanding of administration. We would recommend her to anyone!

— Josh the landscaper


Pauline showed a comprehensive understanding of small business and administration needs. She demonstrates great confidence and ability with computerised systems and dealing with customers & suppliers alike. She is not intimidated by the demands of record-keeping but works hard and enjoys the challenge of putting systems in place that are accessible, understandable and workable.

Pauline understands that Tradies don’t love paper the way she does! She works hard at finding ways of facilitating good record management without it being a constant burden.  Pauline helped me get organised!  She helped explain to me accounting jargon. Pauline balanced and reconciled our accounts when we weren’t sure what belonged where. She is not intimidated by the tedious and sometimes confronting tasks such as following up on invoices or questioning accounts. At the same time, she is always professional, honest and courteous.  Her positive and affirming nature brought calm to us when we felt frustrated and confused.

Pauline has always been reliable, knowledgeable and efficient in her work. She is creative, an insightful problem solver, and a great team player. She is thoroughly self-managed, with a wide range of experience in administrate & bookkeeping. Pauline is tenacious and diligent in her efforts to keep our affairs in order. She is organised and efficient at work without supervision, happily seeking answers to questions that aid the general efficiency of our operation. 

— John the mechanic

Pauline is a dedicated and enthusiastic person to work with, she has a terrific way with people and ability to deliver on the project goals. I’ve worked on and off with her for nearly 20 years and never has she back down from a challenge or a problem that arises. To have a problem solver that is great with people and a accounting background is a hard skill base to find but i believe Pauline has all this in spades. I would happily recommend her for any position as she is a joy to work with.

— Mike the international business developer